WandaVision’s Reportedly Bringing Back A Classic McU Villain

WandaVision is by far the most intriguing show on the upcoming Disney Plus slate. It explores Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff’s reality-warping powers, apparently showing her creating an idealized 1950s reality in which she has a family with Paul Bettany’s Vision, who died in the finale of Avengers: Infinity War. Bettany has called the series “super avant-garde and weird,” with Kevin Feige saying it’ll see Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch in the McU.

Since production began, we’ve heard all sorts of interesting rumors from the set. One is that the show will see the first IP from the X-Men franchise hit the McU, while another is that we’ll see Wanda and Vision’s children and yet more surprisingly, there’s convincing evidence that Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver will return to the McU five years after his death in Age of Ultron.

But now,
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