‘Let’s Sing 2020′ Review (PS4)

  • Nerdly
The karaoke game train rolls on with the only video game franchise in the ever-diminishing genre, Let’s Sing, still around! Now in it’s 2020 iteration, the RavensCourt/Voxler title is now seemingly the only karaoke game left in a market that used to be completely saturated. So maligned is the genre that Sony recently announced it’s closing the Singstar servers and there’s nary a sight of a new We Sing game. However… Let’s Sing is Still flying the flag for a genre that, only a few years ago was flourishing. So what happened?

Well I blame TikTok… I joke of course, but as a super-fan of karaoke games I can’t understand why we can get a myriad of Need for Speed games no one wants, a ton of Assassin’s Creed titles that are – essentially – all the same game yet it’s the karaoke genre that’s dying out.
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