You Season 2 Review (Spoiler-Free)

You returns with season 2 to continue the show's stellar, creepy exploration of obsession, power, and "love."




This review contains no spoilers.

It feels crass to say it, but toxic masculinity, abuse of power, and sexual violence are “in” and everybody wants a piece. But after a few years of nearly every television show shoehorning their own #MeToo-style plotline, only a handful of properties actual handle it well and have up with something worthwhile to say on the topic remains elusive.

Enter You, a10-episode scripted drama narrated by Penn Badgley’s Joe. Joe is a New York bookseller who will go to any length to get the girl he wants, all while convincing himself that his dangerous and disturbing acts are for her sake. You is horror filtered through romantic comedy, with Joe literally quoting When Harry Met Sally (apparently the only way he’d consume a
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