How Political Pundit David Pakman Built a Thriving YouTube Channel — And Survived the ‘Adpocalypse’

  • The Wrap
Hosting his own political talk show was almost preordained for David Pakman. Since he was 5-years-old, when he moved to the U.S. from Argentina in the late 1980s, Pakman said he can remember his family “always talking about politics.” Those roots spurred him to starting “The David Pakman Show,” a left-of-center political talk show, while he was a junior at University of Massachusetts, Amherst 14 years ago. The show started as a community radio show and podcast, but soon grew to its current multi-platform status, including a busy YouTube channel with nearly 780,000 subscribers and 500 million views since it launched a decade ago. The show is also internationally syndicated, available as a podcast, and broadcast on Free Speech TV on DirecTV and Dish Network. Pakman has become one of the better-known independent political YouTubers out there by not being bashful about his opinions, whether it’s on President Trump, the feasibility
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