Die Hard: 5 Reasons It's Not A Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons It Is)

With Christmas approaching fast, many of us will be heading home to celebrate the holidays with some of the best, oftentimes most annoying people around: family. Of course, you can be sure December 25th will be a day of arguments at the dinner table for many. We're going into an election year, so political debates are inevitable, and other family members will challenge your lifestyle choices.

But there's one question that's divided families every Christmas for the past 30 years: is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not? Many have always considered the Bruce Willis classic a Christmas film, while others forget that Christmas is a part of the film's plot! While we do have our own opinions on the subject, we're not here to tell you what we think. Instead, we're going to present the facts from both sides and let you do the talking this holiday season.

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