New Justice League Snyder Cut Image Shows Bruce Wayne On Horseback

If Warner Bros. ever decide to get around to finishing the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League, which is rumored to clock in at over 3.5 hours, fans will likely have already seen the majority of the unreleased footage thanks to the sheer number of images that have been making the rounds online in recent months.

Zack Snyder himself has been the chief culprit, bombarding social media with dozens of previously-unseen photos in an effort to continue drumming up publicity for his original cut of Justice League, which the filmmaker may or may not be in early negotiations with the studio about depending on who you believe, although he’s reassured fans not to lose hope.

However, the latest snapshot from Snyder’s Justice League doesn’t come from the director, but from Clay Staub, the movie’s aerial second unit director who also worked with Snyder on Dawn of the Dead
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