What Does That ‘Man in the High Castle’ Ending Mean?

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What Does That ‘Man in the High Castle’ Ending Mean?
(Spoilers ahead for, you know, the ending of “The Man in the High Castle.” You have been warned.)

Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle” was always kind of a weird show, with its heady sci-fi alternate universe stuff on top of its heady alternate history main plot. I’ve never quite been sure what the writers were trying to do with this pairing of concepts that it inherited from the Philip K. Dick novel, and the wild ending of the series did not offer a huge amount of clarity about that.

So as we arrive at that final scene, things are looking up in the, ah, Prime Earth of this story. The Japanese have abandoned North America, and the Black Communist Rebellion is setting up a new, presumably much better government. The east coast has autonomy from Germany, and is now being run by a guy who clearly wants the Nazis gone.
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