Google Stadia Review: A Potential Game Changer, Just Not at Launch

Google Stadia's seamless connectivity between your TV, smartphone, and Chrome browser could be a game changer. Our review...




Google pitched its Stadia cloud gaming platform as an industry disruptor that would change the way we play in the next generation. With the ability to switch seamlessly between the Chromecast Ultra plugged into your TV, your Google Pixel smartphone, and a Chrome browser, Stadia mostly delivers on its promise of letting you play the latest releases on any screen you want. And while cloud gaming technology isn't a new idea -- see: Blade Shadow and Project xCloud -- Stadia is the best proof of concept yet.

It's a shame, then, that its initial lineup of games and lack of launch features holds it back from being a day 1 must-buy. In fact, it's hard to recommend Stadia to people who already have current-gen consoles or gaming PCs. Barring the
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