Why Are ‘The Mandalorian’ Episodes So Short?

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Why Are ‘The Mandalorian’ Episodes So Short?
The Mandalorian,” the first ever live-action “Star Wars” TV show, has spawned what is no doubt the meme of this year’s holiday season thanks to Baby Yoda. But aside from the near-universal love for that cuteness, “The Mandalorian” has gotten the same range of responses that pretty much every new “Star Wars” thing does. And one aspect of the series that a lot of fans agree is kinda weird is the short length of the episodes.

The first episode dropped at a svelte 39 minutes — or 36 if you subtract the credits. Then the second episode landed last week and it was even shorter — listed at 32 minutes, with a running time of about 27-and-a-half minutes when you subtract the credits and the recap of the previous episode at the beginning. And then the third episode came in listed at 37 minutes but, again, the real length without the recap and credits — which
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