Kristen Stewart believes there's strength in numbers

Actress Kristen Stewart says upcoming "Charlie's Angels" isn't glorifying the characters as heroes, but is about "outsmarting someone for a good reason".

"Liz (Elizabeth Banks) took this world that we've all gotten familiar with and just expanded it. She hit fast forward and thought: where would we be circa 2018, '19? There's more of us. We're louder. We are stronger in numbers. And that really goes along with this distinct sense of self that we're developing in this particular generation. It's not always the people that are the most assertive or physically strong. It's genuinely about how you work as individuals together and how you become a formidable unit as a group," Stewart said.

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Banks has directed "Charlie's Angels", which she has also written, produced and has featured in

"We don't glorify our characters as if they're heroes, as
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