Disney+ Reveals a Studio Once Blind to Diversity, and the More Inclusive Future That Awaits

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Streaming service Disney+ launched November 12 with nearly 500 films, 7,500 television episodes, and an undetermined amount of anxiety around a handful of animated titles that contain culturally insensitive characters. From the flock of crows led by Jim in “Dumbo,” to the broken-English performance of the “Siamese Cat Song” in “Lady and the Tramp,” these films can be seen on Disney+ in their unedited, cringe-inducing glory, with the following caveat: “It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”

It’s small gesture; it’s debatable if it will be seen (it appears at the end of the logline the viewer sees before clicking on the film), or if it really matters. I rewatched the crow sequence in “Dumbo” and was surprised to see how much airtime it received (10 minutes of a 64-minute film); I also laughed at how ridiculous it was.

But being ridiculous doesn’t necessarily make it harmless, which is why the studio
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