Watchmen: Think You Know Why Lady Trieu Buys a Comet? Think Again

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Watchmen's fourth episode has introduced the character of Lady Trieu, and it's clear from her very first scene that she's a woman with a plan - and a comet. In an apparent homage to Superman's origin story, the episode opens with the Clarks, a childless couple living in a quiet farm. Their life seems relatively happy, if uneventful, until Lady Trieu knocks on their door and declares her intention of buying their home. She's so determined to get the farm, she offers them a baby that she's made with their own DNA.

The Clarks barely have the time to comprehend this when everything starts to shake. After signing the papers to sell the farm, they rush out of the house. A blue comet crosses the sky and lands on the propriety. Smiling, Trieu declares the comet to be hers.

But why does Trieu want this comet so badly?

So far,
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