Fox Exec Charlie Collier Is Bringing the Network Back to Its Rebel Roots

  • Variety
Walk the hallways of Fox Entertainment’s headquarters at its Century City lot, and you’ll find posters touting the company’s new mission statements. One hypes Fox’s “brand pillars,” which include “big swings,” “mass appeal” and “visceral reactions.” Another reminds employees, “We don’t play by the rules, we change the game.”

Then there’s the slogan that perhaps best describes Fox’s recent transition into an independent entity: “We break things to make new things.”

Welcome to the new Fox, same as the old Fox — except when it’s not. As he marks his first-year anniversary next month as the CEO of Fox Entertainment, Charlie Collier has leaned on the network’s legacy as an aggressive underdog that disrupted the broadcast business. But he’s using that as the foundation to reposition Fox as a nimble, independent programmer, one that’s no longer part of a huge media conglomerate.
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