Why Watchmen Boss Damon Lindelof Is Addressing "True Fans" Now

Why Watchmen Boss Damon Lindelof Is Addressing
Damon Lindelof knows there are people out there who immediately balked at his Watchmen series. In fact, the Lost and The Leftovers executive producer initially balked at the idea. But in a lengthy letter to viewers and fans of the original source material, Lindelof is addressing that very issue head on. Posted to go along with the series premiere, Lindelof's letter explains his relationship with the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic series, his relationship with his father and the many times he's been asked about adapting the comics for TV. "I am forty-five and I am writing a letter to the fans. The fans of Watchmen. It's unnecessarily wordy and an exercise in oversharing, but nothing gets people on...
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