Batwoman Episode 3 Review: Down, Down, Down

Villain Tommy Elliot comes to Gotham while Mary shines and Kate meets someone new in another solid episode of Batwoman




This Batwoman review contains spoilers.

Batwoman Episode 3

An extraordinarily short visit from Tommy Elliot reminds Gotham that Alice isn’t the only villain while Kate Kane contends with the reality that she has unleashed an entire city’s worth of hope, and she’s not so sure she can live up to it. Meanwhile, Sophie works Mary for intel on her ex in a winning b-plot and Alice terrorizes the Hamilton-Kane residence.

First: Hush. I could’ve done without the wall references and “Make Gotham Safe Again” rhetoric surrounding Tommy Elliot, but other than those lines, he largely felt like his own villain rather than a Trump sendup. Arguably this episode had just as much "other business" to take care of as the previous one, leaving Tommy
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