Anime Review: Human Lost (2019) by Fuminori Kizaki

Developed as a commemoration to Osamu Dazai’s 110th birthday, “Human Lost” is the anime adaptation of “No Longer Human”, which is considered the masterpiece of the Japanese author and ranks as the second-best selling novel in Japan. Add to this that Katsuyuki Motohiro of “Psycho Pass” is Chief Director, Fuminori Kizaki of “Afro Samurai” the director and that Polygon Pictures, who were in charge “Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters” the production studio, and you have all the elements for a masterpiece. Let us see if that is actually the case.

Funimation will be releasing “Human Lost” in select locations across the Us (October 22 (Subtitled) & 23 (Dub)) and Canada (November 6 (Subtitled) & 9 (Dub))

The story takes places in Tokyo 2036, where medical treatment has almost conquered death, allowing people to regenerate no matter what their injuries and to reach a 120-year-old lifespan, free from illness, by means of internal nanomachines and the “S.
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