Modern Love Review: Amazon Anthology Brings Popular New York Times Column to Life

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To quote Jerry McGuire, we live in a cynical, cynical world.

It's that never-ceasing cynicism that can lead to a yearning for something bright, a little upbeat.

Amazon's anthology series, Modern Love, based on the New York Time's column of the same name (that turns 15 this month), reminds us that no matter how rueful things look, there is love in the air. You just have to be open to it.

Yes, it's a drippy sentiment oozing with sugar, but Modern Love isn't a sappy series.

Instead, the heartfelt essays adapted from page to screen showcase what love can be when you open yourself to the possibilities. It's sweet without being cloyingly so.

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And if all this talk of romantic love is getting you down already, buck up! Modern Love isn't about any one specific type of love,
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