Is ‘This Is Us’ Making You Seasick? You’re Not Alone

Is ‘This Is Us’ Making You Seasick? You’re Not Alone
This Is Us” has always been a moving show, typically about the Pearson family’s trials and tribulations, but a recent technological intrusion has cropped up in the show’s fourth season that pretty much makes watching without the company of a sickness bag a risky endeavor on the part of the viewer.

When the show debuted, its use of shaky cam was in keeping with its fly-on-the-wall, this-is-real-life aesthetic, not so much for the free camera reasons of Dogme 95, as much as the implied cinema verité of “Friday Night Lights.” But now, with digital image stabilization, the way it’s currently being used on “This Is Us” makes it seem as if its producers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could use the technology, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Take this as an example: During the season premiere, “Strangers,” there’s a scene
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