The Walking Dead: Why Judith Grimes Is the Hero We Need

Louisa Mellor Oct 10, 2019

A young girl with a moral compass showing adults the way? The Walking Dead’s Judith is a hero for our times.

This Walking Dead article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Before you saw the girl, you saw the sword on her back and the gun in her hand. Even before that, you’d witnessed what she was capable of. Five clean headshots felling five snapping zombies, creating an escape route for a group of overwhelmed strangers.

“Come on, this way,” she shouts. “It’s clear.” They run towards the sound of her voice and are saved. “You got names?” she asks, picking up her Stetson and placing it on her head, cool as any cowboy. They tell her and ask for hers in return. “Judith,” she says, James Bond-style, “Judith Grimes.”

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