The Size of Your Love: The Psychological Effects of Violence in the Horror Films of Rob Zombie

  • MUBI
3 from HellAs far as horror movies go there aren’t many texts more sacred than John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). It kickstarted the entire slasher boom of the 1980s and sky-rocketed one of the greatest genre filmmakers into stardom. Many fans watch Halloween religiously every time the holiday rolls around and to this day the image of Michael Myers still carries cultural weight. Everyone knows what “The Shape” is and audiences are still flocking to cinemas to see this character slaughter helpless teenagers. Rob Zombie’s take on the character in his 2007 remake is reviled. He took this figure that didn’t have a backstory or any depth beyond a singular image of shadows, a long knife, and a mask, and gave it new context. No one wanted it. Critics argued that it strayed too far from Carpenter’s initial movie or were put off by Rob Zombie’s own brand of trauma and grief-infused violence.
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