Democratic Presidential Candidates Face Tough Questions At Lgbtq Forum In Iowa

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A form hosted tonight by advocacy and media monitoring group GLAAD in Cedar Rapids, Iowa saw some tough questions posed to 10 candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The panel was the first to discuss Lgbtq issues among the 2020 candidates, who focused elsewhere during their prior debates.

Former VP Joe Biden had the night’s most contentious exchange. Biden’s replies to moderator Lyz Lenz were later described by her as “condescending.”

Biden pointed out that he supported same-sex marriage before President Barack Obama. “I didn’t have to evolve,” he said. But the gaffe-prone senior then called Lenz “a lovely person,” to which she replied, “just asking the questions people want to know.” The exchange caused a kerfuffle on social media from prominent feminists.

“I interpreted it as a little condescending,” Lenz said in a backstage interview, echoing the immediate criticism of some prominent feminists on social media.

Biden was
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