Cameron Crowe Says Penny Lane From ‘Almost Famous’ Is Not An Example Of A Manic Pixie Dream Girl

There are two sides to the coin every time we choose to pluck a film from the past and observe it—we can focus on what’s gotten better with age and what’s rusted. Often, and it seems to increasingly be the case lately, inflection points in the conversation are focusing on the latter, especially when viewed through 2019’s cultural lens. For better and for worse, everything is examined with a raised eyebrow. That includes Cameron Crowe’s turn-of-the-century classic “Almost Famous.”

Despite its enduring popularity, the film’s presentation of Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane – a figure inseparable from thinking about the movie, thanks to its iconic poster – has received its fair share of criticism in the nearly-two decades since, namely for the character never truly transcending a dream girl trope to achieve her own personality.

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