Netflix Considers Awarding Bonuses to Keep Their Successful Filmmakers from Fleeing

  • MovieWeb
The streaming world is changing fast and, while Netflix is the king of the game right now, they're having to adapt to maintain the dominance as an onslaught of competition makes its way to the marketplace. In this new streaming world, content is king and that makes top-notch creators a valuable currently. Netflix, in order to ensure those creators want to continue to work with them, is planning to possibly offer financial incentives to help make that prospect just a bit more tantalizing.

According to a new report, Netflix plans to start paying bonuses to filmmakers, which extends to directors, actors and producers, when a movie performs well on the streaming service. The measure of success is said to vary from project to project. Prestige titles, such as Martin Scorsese's The Irishman or Alfonso Cuaron's Roma, could depend more on awards. On the flipside, something like Triple Frontier or
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