Tiff Review: ‘This is Not a Movie’ Shows a Life’s Mission to Document the Objective Truth

The reason Yung Chang picked This is Not a Movie for the title of his documentary on renowned journalist Robert Fisk stems from his subject’s inspiration for pursuing that line of work. Fisk talks about watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Foreign Correspondent as a boy and thinking its lead led a life of excitement that most people only ever dream about. So he pursued the career despite parents wishing for another direction (before their pride of having a son at The London Times kicked in) and eventually found himself in the Middle East (where he remains to this day with The Independent) documenting the region’s historically never-ending unrest. Has he changed anything or received his happily ever after? Since his life isn’t a movie, the answer is no.

To hear Fisk reminisce about his job, comment on the present state of the press, and admit his continual interest
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