Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer Punches Hard at Dying X-Men Franchise

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You knew it was coming. Dark Phoenix was one of the year's biggest disappointments both critically and financially. Disney has fully swallowed 20th Century Fox, and the X-Men franchise has come home to the McU. The Fox version of the series, which kicked off in 2000, is now officially dead. And Dark Phoenix is its last gasp of air. Now Honest Trailers has has gone to town on this saga ending sequel, offering this stinging gem right off the bat.

"From Disney comes the last film in this X Universe to remind us that just like the human body, when a franchise dies, it craps itself."

The gloves are off straight out of the gate this time around, and you can tell there will be no love given to this box office stinker. The Honest Trailers crew go after the movie for recycling the plot from X-Men 3, only this time with
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