Lgbtq+ Tropes on TV Need to Stop

Just about every TV show wants to claim an Lgbtq+ character. Whether it is to fill a quota or simply to appeal to a wider audience. 

Everybody wants to get represented in the media; however, the representation continues to appear with significant limitations.

Not to say that every show is stereotypically portraying Lgbtq+ characters, but the fact that these tropes are still used at all is especially problematic.

Throwing in a character who simply states they are gay, yet has no real storyline, is certainly not a proper representation, and unfortunately, that's the average most Lgbtq+ characters receive. 

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A majority of the time, Lgbtq+ characters are given pieces of a storyline and generally fade into the background of the main plot. They're given a cliche character and don't seem to affect the progression of the storyline. 

Providing true diversity is one thing,
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