Which is Better? #2 – Shaun of the Dead vs. Zombieland

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Which is Better is a new column here on Nerdly where we’ll pick two related movies and discuss each of them, and then conclude which we think is the best one. It might be about films of a similar type, or sequels in comparison to the first film, or the original film and its eventual remake, we might even do it for full film franchises. For this column I’m going to focus on two popular zombie comedy flicks. It’s the battle of the zom-coms!

Shaun Of The Dead vs. Zombieland

Okay, okay… so both of these films are excellent in their own rights. Both films have their fans. One of them, Zombieland, is even seeing a sequel soon, starring the same group of survivors as last time. When I think of zombie comedies, of which there are some really fun ones, the top of the pack always
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