Toronto Correspondences #8: Immersions

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The Notebook is covering Tiff with an on-going correspondence between critics Fernando F. CroceKelley Dong, and editor Daniel Kasman.Sound of MetalDear Danny and Kelley,I always love reading your reports on the experimental marvels at the Wavelengths program, a selection of works that thrive on a critic’s appreciation for pure form and sensory abstraction. It’s a corner of Tiff, and a corner of cinema, I frankly feel guilty for not being familiar with, and for not seeking it out—a deficient aspect of my cinephilia, to be sure, or perhaps it’s that I prefer to look for the experimental elements of narrative films. Darius Marder’s Sound of Metal, for instance, has a soundscape that is unusually attentive and adventurous for a mainstream melodrama, ranging from high-decibel thrashing to painful-ethereal quietude. Surrounded by his drums in a darkened stage, his tattooed torso tense as a heavy
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