Venice Review: ‘Corpus Christi’ is a Bittersweet Tale about Second Chances

Faith is inherently about putting your complete trust in something or someone without knowing whether the object deserves such blind allegiance. We have faith in God because believing there’s purpose to atrocities is easier than accepting a nihilistic outlook on life just like the presence of miracles proves good fortune is earned so you won’t feel guilty upon realizing how you have it better than someone else. It’s therefore impossible not to let it warp your morality until everything possesses the need for black and white clarity. Kids in juvenile lock-up are scum without exception. A reformed drunk hits and kills six kids in an automobile collision and he must be to blame. The mayor profits from his government connections, but that’s merely payment for serving the town.

Labels of good and evil are thus meticulously and often unjustly placed upon actions and events without the
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