Official Secrets Review: Keira Knightley Is Fantastic as Iraq War Whistleblower

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In early 2003, the Bush administration and then Us Secretary of State, Colin Powell, vigorously laid a case for war against Iraq at the United Nations. They claimed to have intelligence that the Iraqi regime secretly harbored weapons of mass destruction (Wmd). The United Kingdom was firmly allied with the Us in its war intentions. The intelligence both countries touted as fact was flimsy at best and from suspicious sources. Official Secrets is the true story of Katherine Gun, a British signals intelligence analyst who risked her personal freedom to reveal the appalling deception.

Katherine Gun, played superbly by Keira Knightley, was recently married and worked at the United Kingdom's Government Communication Headquarters (Gchq). Her job was to monitor phone calls and the wireless contacts of individuals assigned by the British intelligence services. Gun had a top secret security clearance. She was a government spy at a critical juncture in modern history.
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