Big Bang Theory: 10 Times Stuart Deserved Better

Stuart Bloom is a middle-aged man who owns a comic book store in The Big Bang Theory. He only appeared a few times in the earlier episodes before becoming a full-time cast member later on, starting in season six.

As the seasons went on, we learned a lot about Stuart. This lonely man really only wanted a hot shower and a plate of food at the end of the day — he never asked for much. He luckily became friends with our favorite members of The Big Bang Theory, and even though they didn't include him in many activities, we saw him open up more the closer they became.

While Stuart took his pain and misfortunes in stride, we can't help but notice all the hard times he endured throughout 12 seasons. From a failing business to no place to sleep, we found 10 times we really felt bad for "Stewie."
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