13 Reasons Why: Grace Saif's Ani Is Shaking Things Up at Liberty High

Amorowat Anysia Achola, Aka Ani, played by Grace Saif, surely shakes things up at Liberty High in the third season of 13 Reasons Why. Ani is the new girl in town (by way of the UK) and she has just as much to hide as her fellow students if not more. After her mother takes a job to care for Bryce Walker's sick grandfather, Ani and her mom move into the Walker guest house. Only a few months later, Bryce Walker goes missing and eventually is found dead, raising many questions for those around him. Many of which are brought up by Ani and her new pal Clay Jenkins on their mission to find the truth.

Like her character, Saif is also British (specifically from West Sussex) and quite new to the scene herself. The Netflix drama offers Saif her breakout role on the small screen, aside from a brief appearance on Doctors,
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