FrightFest 2019 Review: To Your Last Death Delivers Guts and Gore, Lends Surprising Depth to its 2D Characters

Family functions often go awry, but few end up quite as bloody as that of the DeKalb clan in To Your Last Death, a crowdfunded time travel splatter story billed as the world’s first feature-length animated horror film.

When warmongering megalomaniac Cyrus finds out he’s terminally ill, he summons his estranged children to his corporate headquarters to discuss his legacy. His paternal instincts, however, are a little askew, and the DeKalb kids—“whore” Kelsey, a Beverly Hills-type prone to self-harm, Collin, an uptight banker who publicly denounced his father’s handling of the state budget, and “autoerotic asphyxiator” Ethan, a wiseass who was “far busier doing his eighth-grade math teacher than eighth-grade math”—quickly find themselves stuck in Saw-style deathtraps devilishly modeled on the various ways they have disappointed dad. The sole survivor is “looney” Miriam, our protagonist, who escapes only to be approached by the mysterious Gamemaster,
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