Avengers: Endgame writers say Captain America is caught inside a strange time-loop

Co-writer of Avengers: Endgame Stephen McFeely, says that he and his writing partner believe Captain America is caught inside a strange time-loop.

At the end of Endgame, it was revealed that Steve decided to travel back in time and stay in the past with Peggy, living his life with her. But we also know from Captain America: The Winter Soldier that Peggy already had a husband and kids. So what gives? Is Steve in an alternative timeline, as has been suggested by the Russos?

Well, according to co-writer Stephen McFeely, he and Christoper Markus believe Steve always travelled back in time, creating one, consistent time-loop. Speaking to Canada.com, he said:

“It depends on what story Marvel wants to tell going forward. I don’t know if Marvel wants to tell any more Captain America stories or if Chris Evans is up for it. Do they want to tell an alternate timeline story?
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