From The Terror to Event Horizon, TV horror is a screaming success

There is no shortage of small-screen scares at the moment, with the upcoming remake of sci-fi gorefest Event Horizon set to push the genre to gruesome new heights

It is the 21st century’s most influential multinational, an omnipresent Tyrell Corporation pushing AI assistants and drone deliveries. So it is hardly a surprise that Amazon is horny for science fiction. When hard-bitten galactic noir The Expanse was cancelled after three seasons on Netflix, Amazon swooped in to save it. In the UK, it provided a streaming berth for Halle Berry’s alien-baby thriller Extant. And their man in the high castle, Jeff Bezos, seems genuinely jazzed to bring Iain M Banks’s sprawling Culture space opera novels to a device near you.

With all that in mind, the news that Amazon is looking to salvage Event Horizon – the lurid 1997 movie about a drifting space hulk with a sanity-destroying secret – and
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