Best Buddy Cop Movies

The “Buddy Cop” film genre has birthed instant classics over the years, from Rush Hour to 21 Jump Street and beyond. To celebrate Dragged Across Concrete releasing on Blu-ray and DVD 19th August (starring Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson), we delve into the best “Buddy Cop” movies to grace our screens.

Miami Vice (2006)

A re-invention of the hit series from the 80’s of the same name, Miami Vice sees Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell step into the shoes of Crockett & Tubbs, to take on a Columbian drug cartel. While it might now seem dated, thanks to its soundtrack and wardrobe – Foxx and Farrell’s performances are nothing short of enjoyable in their almost telepathic understanding of each other.

The Other Guys (2010)

A film which leans more on its comedy rather than hard-hitting action (although isn’t that part and parcel of a film directed by Adam McKay?), The Other Guys sees
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