Top 5 martial arts films of all time

The first recognised martial arts film was made in 1949, and since then the genre has been developed and adapted to keep providing audiences with entertaining action. The most impressive part of any good martial arts film is the meticulous detail of the fight choreography, making action scenes flow like a dance routine.

Ever since the peak of martial arts films in the days of Bruce Lee, Asian influences have begun to pervade Western culture. Western Mma is built on the foundation of various Asian combat styles, and the strategy and honour of martial arts have also seeped into the mentality of various other mediums. So, without further ado let’s take a look at some of the defining films in martial arts history

1. Rush Hour

Placing Rush Hour as one of the five greatest martial arts films of all time might be a controversial decision, and I’ll admit that nostalgia is a large influence.
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