This Holiday Season's Must See Movies in Theaters

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This Holiday Season's Must See Movies in Theaters
As most movie fans know Tim Burton came up with the idea for The Nightmare Before Christmas while doing some shopping as Halloween decorations were quickly replaced with their yuletide counterparts, resulting in a momentary mishmash of the two.

With that in mind, it isn't too crazy to start talking about This Holiday Season's Must See Movies, right? Sure it's only August but let's face it: our anticipation for Star Wars Episode IX started building back in 2012 when Disney snatched up Lucasfilm for $4 billion space credits.

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker will take us back to that galaxy far, far away to wrap up the Skywalker family story with at least some degree of finality, even as a whole universe's worth of Disney+ streaming shows and spin-off trilogies await in the wings.

Moviegoers will travel to a very different theater of war with Oscar bait historical drama 1917. December also
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