The Angry Birds Movie 2 review – another fun-filled flutter

Sworn animal enemies must team up as the smartphone game adaptation catapults towards another minor triumph

Sony Animation’s The Angry Birds Movie surprised many three years ago by a) not being terrible, and b) actually being quite fun in a disposable way: the zappiest attempt at brand extension this side of The Lego Movie. The sequel tempts fate by pausing the innately funny war between birds and pigs in order to pit both factions against new predators from the neighbouring Eagle Island. Incoming director Thurop van Orman approaches this expanded universe with something of the visual ambition of Pixar’s Brad Bird and a restless, playful spirit reminiscent of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs films. The birds are no longer as irate as they once were, but the franchise appears to have levelled up.

The original itched to get past its origin story and on to pixelating the game’s parrot-slinging.
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