10 Lessons You Can (& Should) Learn From The New Season Of Black Mirror

Black Mirror has kept viewed entertained, puzzled, and thoroughly disturbed since it broke onto the scene in 2011, on Channel 4. In 2015, Netflix purchased the anthology series, and has since been cranking out season after season of the mind-bending series.

Every standalone episode, often with a sci-fi feel, looks at stark consequences to modern society and often, our use of technology; or how technology can turn darkly against us in the most frightening and extreme ways.

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The latest season 5, released in June, consists of just three episodes. Featuring more well-known American actors than the previous ones, like Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace, and Miley Cyrus, they’re just as enthralling as the others, and serve as thought-provoking social commentary on the way we live our lives and how technology can consume us.

What can you learn from the three new episodes?
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