The Reptile

Hammer’s attempt at a budget monster romp for 1966 isn’t quite as good as its sister film Plague of the Zombies, but it has fine atmosphere and a couple of worthy grace notes, namely its fine actresses Jennifer Daniel and Jacqueline Pearce. Although the title monster bites some fans the wrong way, it works for this reviewer — it’s every appearance is a surprise, and for me it’s convincingly… reptilian.

The Reptile


Scream Factory

1966 / Color / 1:85 + 1:66 widescreen / 91 min. / Street Date July 30, 2019 / 27.99

Starring: Noel Willman, Jennifer Daniel, Ray Barrett, Jacqueline Pearce, Michael Ripper, John Laurie, Marne Maitland.

Cinematography: Arthur Grant

Film Editors: James Needs, Roy Hyde

Production Design: Bernard Robinson

Makeup: Roy Ashton

Original Music: Don Banks

Written by John Elder (Anthony Hinds)

Produced by Anthony Nelson Keys

Directed by John Gilling

Here’s something fresh for this reviewer, a noted Hammer picture to enjoy that I
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