Captain Jack Voted As The Doctor Who Character Fans Most Want To Return

For a show that’s all about regeneration and change, Doctor Who fans sure do like wishing that old favorites would return. But that’s only to be expected when the revived series has served up so many amazing characters. And, as it is does feature time travel, there’s no reason why the Doctor can’t bump into a familiar face once in a while. In fact, if it were up to fans, there’s one face (of Boe) that she’d meet first.

Radio Times ran a poll asking folks to name the character from the show they’d most like to see come back. Nearly 2,000 people voted and the answer was unanimous – John Barrowman needs to return as Captain Jack Harkness. A whooping 38% of those polled are fans of the dashing Time Agent, far beyond the number that voted for second place – Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble,
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