The 10 Worst That ‘70s Show Episodes Ever According To IMDb

One of the most interesting sitcoms to look back at is That '70s Show. For one, it was one of the last great comedy series filmed in front of a live studio audience. For another, it rode the nostalgia wave of a popular era two decades after it ended by touching on timeless subjects. And of course, it launched the careers of successes like Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and many others.

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For all the good that came from this series, it wasn't all groovy. The show had its fair share of episodes that didn't quite hit the mark the way they hoped. You'll find that's especially true for the much-maligned eighth and final season. Looking at the scores submitted by IMDb users, we've listed the ten worst episodes in That '70s Show history.
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