What could happen in the Friends reboot?

Jennifer Aniston has teased a cast reunion – bring on the @ChandlerBong tweets and Joey’s #MeToo allegations

Modern Toss on Friends

What would the characters of Friends be doing now? Well, it’s a mixed bag. Joey, with his profile as former soap lead-turned-former buddy cop lead-turned-failed actor, gets a second-career wind and heads up a blockbuster Netflix show: his now-wizened face and torso bloat win him a weird niche of horny new-generation fans. Phoebe is dead, don’t ask. Monica, always poised to slump into domestic life, now lives inside it like an old pair of jeans, and only ventures out of her cul-de-sac to start her latest doomed food business (“What if I made … artisan cookies? Chandler? What if I did that?”), while Chandler is doing whatever he did before. Don’t pretend you know what Chandler did.
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