Film Review: Kumail Nanjiani is the Only Reason to See ‘Stuber’

Chicago – Kumail Nanjiani is reaching the next level of stardom. Recently, he was the best thing in the rebooted “Mib: International” (as a cartoon sprite), and now he is the only reason to indulge in “Stuber.” Kumail portrays a nervy Uber driver named Stu (get it?), and upholds everything about the buddy movie that is enjoyable. The rest of it, including his buddy Dave Bautista, land with a dull thud.

Rating: 3.0/5.0

There was something there, but maybe it needed ten more rewrites or so. The lazy screenplay – by Tripper Clancy, I kid you not – seemed content with rehashing plots from the 1990s, as the Kumail/Bautista team pursuit an Asian martial artist running a heroin ring … complete with exotic Asian branded drug packaging. But Kumail is blissful in his zen surrounding this illogical scenario, and gets off a few hilarious lines. The Über Critic Rule … if it makes me laugh several times,
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