Review: Lucio Fulci's "The New York Ripper" (1982); Blue Underground Blu-ray Special Edition

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By Todd Garbarini

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Lieutenant Fred Williams (Jack Hedley) is easily the horror cinema’s most pedestrian, laid back, and disinterested police detective in recent memory. In Lucio Fulci’s infamous slasher outing The New York Ripper (1982), a spate of brutal crimes involving young women being sliced up by a knife-wielding maniac who quacks like a duck lands right smack into Williams’s lap and he couldn’t be more bored by it. Mr. Hedley’s characterization of this by-the-book investigator was no doubt in the script, but his character just meanders through his scenes with such an aloof attitude that it’s amazing no one calls him out on it. The few times Williams does appear to spring to life are when the sex lives of his victims are revealed, which he reacts to with a judgmental shrug and smirk when he’s
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