Space Invaders Movie Revs Back Up with Mortal Kombat Reboot Writer

The arcade classic Space Invaders is getting ready to invade the big screen. Several years back, Warner Bros. purchased the movie rights to the popular video game and they've been trying to crack that egg for some time now. We haven't heard any updates on the project in a few years, but it's been quietly in development behind the scenes at the studio's New Line Cinema division. Now, we have word that up-and-coming screenwriter Greg Russo has been tapped to pen the adaptation.

According to a new report, New Line has hired Greg Russo to write the Space Invaders screenplay after they worked with him on another upcoming video game project they have coming down the pipeline, Mortal Kombat. Oddly, there are some similarities between these two adaptations, outside of the fact that they both started life as popular games first. We had been hearing reports of a Mortal Kombat reboot for years,
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