“They Won’t Stay Dead!”: The History and Undying Impact of Night Of The Living Dead Trading Cards

If trading cards are the ultimate Night of the Living Dead collectible, I'd also argue that Night of the Living Dead is the ultimate non-sports trading card. And it's because of the autographs. Stay with me...

The non-sports trading card scene was introduced to the subject of horror movies as early as the 1960s, with Nu Cards' Horror Monster Series and Topps' Monster Laffs, followed by You'll Die Laughing and Shocking Laffs in the 1970s.

What these cards had in common is that they depicted numerous early horror and contemporary B-horror movies in a satirical format. It seems that comedy was the only safe way to deliver horror trading cards to kid consumers of the era. Following blowback from the ban on Topps' famous 1962 sci-fi horror set, Mars Attacks, printers weren't taking any more chances.

It wasn't until the 1980s that individual horror flicks got their own dedicated, non-satirical
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