Film Review: Jam (2018) by Sabu

In the world of enka singer Hiroshi (Sho Aoyagi) most of his life revolves around the various performances he has to give in front of crowds largely consisting of middle-aged women. Bored and visibly appalled by these events, he tries to leave them as soon as possible, but this time Masako (Mariko Tsutsui) stops him on his way out of the last venue he sang in. Eventually Hiroshi finds he has been drugged by Masako and drops unconscious, only to find himself back at her apartment when he wakes up.

Interwoven with Hiroshi’s story are the stories of Tetsuo (Nobuyuki Suzuki) and Takeru (Keita Machida). The first is an ex-con who returns to his home town, after having spent many years in jail, to take revenge on those on some men who betrayed him, which eventually led to his arrest. Takeru’s girlfriend is in a coma and as
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