Here’s What To Binge On Netflix Once You Finish Stranger Things Season 3

The third season of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix last Thursday, so odds are you’re already finished with it. Now that it’s over though, what’s there left to watch on the streaming service? Well, We Got This Covered has…got you covered.

Here are six shows worth binging once you return from the Upside Down:

The Oa

As far as premises go, The Oa is arguably the closest series on this list to matching the Wtf vibes of Stranger Things. Its plot follows Prairie Johnson, a young blind woman who returns from a seven-year disappearance with strange new abilities, including the capability to see again. Brit Marling, who portrays Prairie, also serves as the creator and executive producer, and Sound of My Voice director Zal Batmanglij helms every episode in its two seasons, giving The Oa a distinct, controlled feel.


Sense8 was unceremoniously cancelled after only two seasons,
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